Felicidad Ochoa Arguelles Limjoco

 Felicidad Ochoa Arguelles Limjoco


Last year we had the bones of Lola, Lolo and my Tita Cecile, who never made it past infancy to the Ostuary behind the Batangas Basilica in Batangas City.  They had not completed the fountain then but it’s a lovely place.

Last year we had the bones of Lola Feling, and Lolo Goyo moved from the Old cemetary to the Ostuary behind the Batangas Basilica in Batangas City. They had not completed the fountain then but it’s a lovely place.

Lolo  Goyo Limjoco and Lola’s remains are now in the vault to the left of Jesus, just below the dark hole in this photo.

Lolo and Lola’s remains are now in the vault to the right of Jesus, just below the dark hole and lamp in this photo.

Tombstone of Dr. Gregorio Limjoco Sr and Felicidad Arguelles Limjoco Click here to see a photo taken at Lolo's wake Dec. 1948. Click here to see a photo of Lola Feling taken in 1957, from a book, '100 years of a Parish and its church'- 1957

ombstones of two brothers who led interesting and prosperous lives.

Click on this photo to see the family of Dr. Gregorio Trivino Limjoco and Felicidad

My grandfather,Dr. Gregorio Trivino Limjoco.

Lolo Santiago in his 53 years on earth had 14 living children with 3 different women! Wow.
Bronze Urns of Remy Limjoco McBurney, daughter of Angel Limjoco Sr. who passed away in 2001 Angel Limjoco Sr.  buried in Lian with his wife Doña Felisa Lejano Limjoco
Grave of HospiciaTriviño Limjoco wife of Santiago Limjoco were 10:  Gregorio I, Rosario, Cayo, Casimira, Aleandro, Candelaria, Bonifacio, Angel, Conrado and maybe a Delfin.



Click Photo of urns to see a memorial collage and photos of Remy. Remy was the daughter of Lolo Angel Sr.

Lolo Angel Limjoco is buried in a family compound in Lian, Batangas

The Tombstones of Lolo Goyo’s parents, Santiago (b. 1852, died at 53 yrs. old)  and Hospicia Limjoco in Lian Batangas in the family vault of  Don Angel Limjoco.

Hold your mouse over the names on the tombstones. It will either pull up a photo of the individual or a photo of their families. Holding your mouse over most of the photos will give you alternate text showing names of children, mostly on the women.

Children of Balbino and Tomasa Limjoco:Pedro, Felin, Aurora Cesar,  Cecilia, Patria and Remedico Balbino and Tomasa had  7 children, Pedro, Felino, Aurora, Cesar, Cecilia, Patria, Remedios,. Click here to see a painting of Tomasa Santarina Limjoco

Lola Hospicia Trivino Limjoco had 10 children, one of which was my grandpa Lolo Goyo (Dr. Gregorio Limjoco)


Children of Olimpia Magsilang and Santiago Quison Limjoco were, Balbino, Casimira and Timotea.
Victoriano Limjoco buried in Candaba

Balbino Limjoco, son of Santiago with his other “wife” Olimpia.

Lolo Yago used to travel to Candaba, Pampanga where it is presumed he traded in rice and, or had rice mills.  He sired two other families there, one with Olimpia Magsilang and one with one of their maids.

Olympia Limjoco and her daughter Patria. At the Limjoco Mausoleum in Candaba, Pampanga.

Victoriano Limjoco is in the Limjoco Mausoleum of Balbino Limjoco, but no one could tell me who Victoria Limjoco was, and there was no date of death or birth.

Although married to Hospicia with whom he lived most of the time in Lian Batangas, he had 3 children with Olimpia.  Curiously, Hospicia did not have children with Santiago those two years. Therefore, it was discovered or surmised that Balbino Magsilang Limjoco, was my grand father’s half brother.

Ever since I was a child I had heard that Lolo Santiago had another family in Pampanga, from my Lola Feling. Last Nov. 2000 I had the opportunity to meet with the Candaba, Pampanga Branch.  And a warmer reception could not have been had anywhere by any standards!

I was taken to the family vaults by Charee, my third cousin on Balbino’s side and his granddaughter. We found Balbinos tomb as well as his mother, Lola Olimpia’s etc. But we could not find the head of their clan, our great grandfather, Santiago’s tomb.  It was suspected that the reason we could not find him in Candaba is that the remains of Lolo Santiago are in Lian, as pictured above, with his legal wife Hospicia.

Thus the tale of Lolo’s deeds were discovered. Many of the Candaba clan still have memories of Lolo Santiago, yet none of the Batangas clan can give me stories of Lolo Santiago.

Anyway that is the tale as it has unraveled from the many Emails I received from this branch and from my own investigative visit to the Candaba Limjoco’s mausoleums.

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