Lolo Bonifacio Trivinio Limjoco

(RAYMUNDO3, SANTIAGO2,) was born May 13, 1889 in Lian Batangas, and died July 31, 1963.  He married VIRGINIA INUMERABLE. She was born September 20, 1898 in Calaca, Batangas, and died 1987 in In Manila in the hospital of a heart attack.

Lolo Pacio would go around with Lolo Goyo and was trained as a nurse.  And he would help Lolo Goyo to treat patients.  He established a couple of business, a rice mill, and started his own ice plant in Lian.  He was a good dad as remembered by Reynaldo.

Bonifacio Trivino Limjoco with wife, Virginia Inumerable Limjoco Burial: Lian Batangas - More About VIRGINIA INUMERABLE: Burial: Lian, Batangas

“If you don't mind my modest inputs, I'd be pleased to share with you some stories or even old photos that may be of interest. In the meantime, here's an outline of our family tree:”
A. Bonifacio Limjoco and Virginia Limjoco y Inumerable

    1. Benny I. Limjoco (infant - deceased)
    2. Caesar I. Limjoco (World War 2 veteran - deceased)
    3. Rodolfo "Rudy" I. Limjoco (civil engineer - retired), married to Flor Limjoco
           a) Sabrina Limjoco Arney married to Greg Arney (California)
    4. Ester I. Limjoco Nacpil married to Diosdado "Ding" Nacpil (both deceased, layed to rest in California)
           a) Evelyn May Limjoco Nacpil Fox married to Neil Fox (Fresno, CA)
               a.1) Blain Allan N. Fox
               a.2) Grant N. Fox          
           b) Editha "Didit" Limjoco Nacpil Daryanani married to Jayant "Joey" Daryanani (Martinez, CA)
               b.1)   Jonathan N. Daryanani
               b.2)   Nicole N. Daryanani
           c) Danilo "Danny" Limjoco Nacpil married to Nicole Nacpil (San Bruno, CA)
    5. Lourdes I. Limjoco Guiyab married to Romulo "Romy" C. Guiyab (both residing in Pasig, Metro Manila)
           a)   Jose Romulo "Joey" Limjoco Guiyab (Seattle, WA)
           b)   Eugene Leonardo Limjoco Guiyab (Pasig, MM)
           c)   Raymund Gerard "Dodgie" Limjoco Guiyab (Pasig, MM)
           d)   Maria Cecilia "Cecile" Limjoco Guiyab Wieneke married to Alfred Wieneke III (Makati, MM)
               d.1)   Alfredo Enrique "Aldo" G. Wieneke 
    6. Reynaldo "Rey" I. Limjoco married to Corazon "Azon" Lejano Limjoco (both residing in Martinez, California)
           a)   Irene "Imet" Lejano Limjoco Kuo married to Jay Kuo (Martinez, CA)
               a.1)   Colin Limjoco Kuo
               a.2)   Lauren Limjoco Kuo
           b)   Anthony "Bodjie" Lejano Limjoco married to Sha Sha (Martinez, CA)
               b.1)   Kevin Limjoco
               b.2)   Mathew Limjoco
           c)   Arnold Lejano Limjoco married to Ludivina "Vina" Limjoco (San Jose, CA)
           d)   Annaliza "Pepi" Lejano Limjoco Dumlao married to Teofilo "Teo" Dumlao (Martinez, CA)
               d.1)   "Jayjay" Limjoco Dumlao
           e)   Bernadette "Boyb" Lejano Limjoco (San Jose, CA)
    The above is the complete line of Bonifacio and Virginia Limjoco by order of age.”

Lourdes Limjoco Guiyab
Lourdes Limjoco Guiyab

Eugene Limjoco
Eugene Limjoco Guiyab on left with friend
Children of Reynaldo Limjoco
Children of Reynaldo Limjoco